Ultrasonic level sensor

Ultrasonic level sensor is designed for level measurement of liquids in closed and open tanks and channels. It is used in potable and waste water plants, food and stuff industry, etc.

The sensor generates ultrasonic waves to the surface of the measured liquid. The ultrasonic waves reflect from the liquid surface and go back to the sensor.

Microprocessor measures the time from the ultrasonic pulse generation to receipt of reflected pulse. Microprocessor realizes automatic temperature correction of the ultrasonic speed, control of the received echo signal, correction of the amplification and adaptation to the dynamics of the process. The level of the liquid is calculated for set basic distance L0.

The information for the measured distance/level is transmitted to the current output and serial interface RS485.

Ultrasonic level switch

Ultrasonic Level Switch ULS01 - sensor detail

Ultrasonic Level Switch ULS 01

Programmer of ultrasonic level meters PRG10

The programmer is designed for control and programming of ultrasonic level sensors ULS10.