Transmitter FLOMAG-ICM - this type was replaced by FLOMAG3000

Transmitter FLOMAG-ICM as remote version
Transmitter FLOMAG-ICM as compact version with flanged sensor

For new projects use type FLOMAG3000 please !

Magnetic flowmeter FLOMAG-ICM is a volume flow rate meter for conductive fluids in pipelines. It allows measurement of flow rates in both directions, with high accuracy and in wide range of flow rates (0,1 – 12 m/s). The microprocessor controlled transmitter offers a wide variety of binary, analogue and digital inputs and outputs suitable for all applications. Absence of moving parts and digital calibration ensures long-term accuracy and stability.

Transmitter has two passive, galvanically isolated, programmable binary outputs. They can be used as pulse, frequencz, or for indication of limit values. RS232 is used for service purposes. For industrial communication it is possible to equip the transmitter with galvanically isolated interface RS485. As option, the transmitter can be equipped also with active, galvanically isolated, programmable current output 0/4-20 mA.

Versions equipped with display and keyboard provides a wide variety of displayable operating data on a readable two-line display with large characters. Also all adjustable parameters can be comfortably changed during operation, using a four-key keyboard.

Transmitter can be integral part of the sensor – compact version or it is connected with the sensor with a cable – remote version. The Transmitters has IP67, sensor up to IP68.

Technical parameters

Power supply 115/230VAC, 10..18VDC, 18..36VDC, 24VAC
Consumption 8..10VA
Analogue output selectable - 0(4)..20mA (12bit) active galvanically isolated
Binary output 2x passive galvanically isolated
Interface RS232 (not galvanically isolated ), 0/20mA loop galvanically isolated , selectable - RS485 galvanically isolated
Display selectable - LCD and keyboard module – 2x16 characters (9,6 mm height) with keyboard
Electrode cleaning electrochemical electrode cleaning module
Protection IP65
Min. conductivity of the liquid 20μS/cm (for some liquids from 5μS/cm)

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