Ultrasonic level switch

Ultrasonic Level Switch ULS01 - sensor detail

Ultrasonic Level Switch ULS 01


1. Usage

It was designed for level control of liquids, process/alarm signalisation or control of pumps, valves, etc.

2. Advantages

- easy installation
- no moving parts
- independence from the type of the liquid (conductivity, viscosity, etc)
- electrically isolated from the liquid
- permanent hysteresis 2 mm

3. Working principle

The switch is based on the difference of the ultrasonic signal passing through the air and the liquid, between two piezoelements.

When the chink between the both piezoelements is not covered by the liquid, the ultrasonic signal damps out in the air and there is no any output signal.

When the liquid level covers approximately 50% of the chink between the piezoelements, acoustic contact takes place and the output activates.

4. Installation

Sensor hangs on its cable in the required level depth. In case of considerable whirls, it is necessary to ensure stationary fixation.

5. Technical data

- power supply – 10 – 24 VDC
- consumption – 100 mW
- protection – IP68
- max temperature – 60 °C
- output (electronic switch) max – 0,1 A/36VDC
- standard cable – 5 m

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